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The courtroom is a formal and serious environment where most judges are conservative. Show respect for the court by exhibiting suitable behavior and appropriate business attire.

For Any Court Appearance:

  • Entering the courthouse requires you pass through security and a metal detector. Leave anything extraneous in your vehicle.
  • Silence or power-off mobile phones
  • Address the judge and tip staff by Sir or Ma’am. When in the presence of court personnel you must act respectful. This rule applies to anyone who accompanies you into the courthouse (parents, significant others, etc.)
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to any appointment
  • Always remove coats and hats
  • Avoid wearing jeans and shorts
  • Avoid wearing excessive jewelry
  • Avoid flashy, bright colors (conservative colors are best)
  • Avoid stained, wrinkled, or torn apparel

For Summary Trials, Preliminary Hearings, & Pretrial Conferences:

  • Wear Khakis (tan), black or blue dress pants
  • Wear a button-down shirt (conservative Colors are best)
  • Wear a tie (not required, but favorable)
  • Wear brown or black dress shoes
  • Wear a suit (not required, but acceptable)

For Jury Selection & Trials:

  • Wear a suit (if you do not own a suit, pair a navy or black blazer with dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a tie)
  • Wear brown or black dress shoes
  • For women, a suit with a skirt is appropriate as long as the length falls below the knee
  • For women, always wear stockings if you choose to wear a suit with a skirt
  • For women, heels are acceptable as long as the heel height is moderate