“Attorney Donaldson explains what details must be dealt with in order to make (or argue against) a case – and I appreciated that he took the time to present me with a short-course in law, understanding that my emotions won’t win cases – facts will.”
– Matt B.

Legal issues can cause a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety, especially for those who don’t have a history of this type of issue. Difficult questions can be numerous:

  • Will I have to spend time in jail?
  • What if I can’t afford the fine?
  • Will I be able to keep my job? How will my future career be affected?
  • What will happen to my family?

Attorney Donaldson comes alongside those he represents with understanding and compassion, helping them to navigate an often confusing and intimidating legal system. He takes time to address his clients’ questions and concerns, and to educate them about what to expect at each step in the legal process.

When you combine this approach with Attorney Donaldson’s competitive nature and attention to detail, it produces increased peace of mind and decreased anxiety for his clients during a difficult time.