Attorney Donaldson focuses in all areas of criminal defense in Pennsylvania and Federal Courts. From college student underage drinking cases to federal counterfeit goods, he understands the process, knows law enforcement and the prosecutors—and, understands the right way to approach each situation to get the best result possible for his clients.


A DUI can happen to just about anyone, and if not dealt with properly, it can have longstanding consequences as far as the criminal justice system—and one’s career and/or school. Attorney Donaldson outlines those consequences and works to minimize the impact on his clients.

Underage Drinking

With young men and women, sometimes a poor decision can lead to tangling with law enforcement and judicial affairs (e.g., Penn State Office of Student Conduct). Attorney Donaldson understands the best way to handle underage drinking cases to mitigate the criminal charge(s), the collegiate discipline, any driver license suspension—and, he will work to have the client’s criminal record cleared at the appropriate time.

Drug Crimes

Although marijuana is legal in some states and decriminalized in others, the possession or distribution is still a crime in Pennsylvania. Attorney Donaldson has handled hundreds of drug cases in a number of counties. He will make sure that you understand your rights—and he will protect those rights whether the case involves marijuana or another controlled substance.

Donaldson also has extensive experience in handling asset forfeiture often associated with drug cases.


Theft cases range from retail theft to theft from an employer or the government. Attorney Donaldson has experience across the spectrum of theft cases. He will analyze the evidence—especially important in this day of security cameras—and work on all aspects of the case including ensuring that any restitution is correct.

Internet Sex Crimes

In recent years, both federal and state government have focused on child pornography—both possession and dissemination. Often times a person may not even know that he distributed child porn through file sharing. Attorney Donaldson has handled numerous child porn cases from the time the search warrant is executed through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children analysis to charges being filed and ultimate resolution of the case.

Federal Criminal Charges

Attorney Donaldson is admitted to Federal Courts in the Middle and Western Districts of Pennsylvania. Whether the charges involve the sale of counterfeit goods, structuring, or drug charges, he works with his clients from the beginning of the federal agents’ investigation to attempt to have the government not file charges in the first place; but, if criminal charges are filed, he will fight them with you.

Other Practice Areas

  • Violent Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Internet Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Traffic Violations
  • Sex Crimes
  • Alternative Resolutions